The ways we connect – big or small – to the children, families and adults in our lives improves individual well-being and our community overall. Read stories of how everyday connections are making a difference.

Science shows that connections matter, but these testimonials are real-life proof! Share your story on our Facebook page or e-mail  Please note that the stories you send could be shared publicly to promote the Connections Matter effort.

 “For as long as I can remember my mother has been working on some sort of craft project. Family photo albums, homemade wreaths, cards, etc. In the past year she has begun keeping a list of every single church member’s birthday and anniversary and making elaborate handmade cards to send them. When a member falls ill, she whips up a beautiful card with a handwritten note and sends it to them as soon as possible. Church members have begun to eagerly anticipate these cards and even ask her to make them for their kids, grandkids, mothers and fathers. She even made a card for a nurse she saw repeatedly when she was having frequent doctor’s visits. I know these small gestures of connecting mean a lot to my mother’s church community.” 
– Rachel Owens

“I grew up on a farm a half-mile away from any neighbors and moved several times throughout my young adult life. I never appreciated the value of setting down roots in a neighborhood until I had my daughter. Over the past year, we’ve experienced so many small connections that together have given us a sense of comfort and strength. One neighbor delivered a self-care package to help me relax; others have given us used toys, clothes and meals. Kids come out to play when we walk down the street and the adults keep an eye out for our daughter’s safety. We’ve been invited into homes when we’ve felt alone and frustrated, and had offers to babysit when my husband and I needed a night out. Our daughter doesn’t have a large family to grow up in, but she has an amazing community who embraces her.”
– Sarah Welch