Healthy minds enable individuals to reach their full potential. Businesses can promote employee well-being by helping employees to manage stress and build stronger connections within the workplace and within their communities.

For more information on ACEs and how they impact employee health visit or click HERE to go directly to the Iowa ACEs Report.

Workplace Trauma-Informed Tips


  • Implement policies such as flex-time that create healthier families and more productive employees

  • Educate on and train managers in trauma-informed care principles

  • Use corporate-sponsored events to inform employees about community services that can support their well-being

  • Schedule team building opportunities

  • Focus on organizational training and development


  • Take a 5 - 10 minute break to de-stress by walking outside or sitting quietly and being present

  • Introduce yourself to someone you have seen before but have not formally met

  • Share a meal or grab coffee with a co-worker

  • Decorate or organize your working space to accommodate your individual needs


Download the white paper for more information on how connections matter in the Workplace.