Learn the message! Attend a Workshop

Connections Matter is a community effort. We want everyone to know that fostering caring relationships with the children, families, and adults in your life matters for developing healthy brains, supportive relationships, and thriving communities.


General workshop


Basic Workshop (2 hours) - $20/person

Half-Day Workshop (4 hours) - $50/person

*Half-Day Workshop includes a screening of Resilience or Paper Tigers and more in-depth discussion + activities.


What you will receive:

  • Interactive, discussion-based curriculum
  • Better understanding of trauma, brain development, resilience, and health - and how these topics relate to one another
  • Concrete knowledge about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
  • Action planning and next steps for how you can make a difference
  • Resources on trauma-informed care and implementation
  • Strategies for increasing and improving your own connections
  • Meeting other community members and building your network
  • Tools for strengthening both personal and community resilience


Education Workshop

*Please e-mail whatsyourconnection@gmail.com for pricing.

What you will receive:

  • Interactive, discussion-based curriculum
  • Better understanding of how trauma impacts brain development and a child’s ability to cope/succeed in school
  • Concrete knowledge about ACEs and how they affect a child’s learning environment
  • Action planning and next steps for implementing trauma-informed strategies in schools
  • Strategies and ideas for helping students, families, and teachers to connect with one another
  • Resources specifically related to trauma and resilience in education
  • Connecting with other members of the education community
  • Tools for overall building more caring and resilient learning environments


To sign up and customize your preferences, please fill out this form. Additionally, to view a list of upcoming community workshops provided by PCA Iowa, please visit our Events page.