Join us! Become a Connections Matter Advocate

Connections Matter is a community effort. We want everyone to know that fostering caring relationships with the children, families, and adults in your life matters to developing healthy brains, supportive relationships, and thriving communities.

To host a "Train the Presenter" workshop

Anyone is welcome to become a trained advocate! If you would like to host a workshop, have questions, or require additional consulting, click here to fill out our Connections Matter form (please refer to form for all questions related to trainings, workshops, materials, etc. - all other questions may be sent to

During a workshop, you will learn how to deliver an abbreviated and extended presentation within various settings - i.e. networking lunch-and-learns, neighborhood groups, faith meetings, and community planning sessions. Trained presenters will receive PowerPoint slides with notes and takeaway materials to hand out. Attendees will also learn about other resources to support awareness efforts. Furthermore, as a trained presenter, you will be able to train other presenters and can be connected with others in your community working on these efforts.

An informational webinar developed before our September 30, 2015 launch shares information about the origins of this effort, plans for the launch, and how you can participate.  Learn about other resources available in our awareness toolkit.

Together we can engage more people in creating environments that strengthen families. We can also provide healing opportunities for children and adults with histories of trauma.

*Please note that a "Train the Presenter" workshop must be completed before gaining access to the Presenter Resources below.